How to Get Ads Approved on Facebook


A good Facebook ad can be the difference between anonymity and online renown — if you can get it approved. Facebook vets all ads for spam, appropriate content, relevance and lawful content. The best way to get your ad through quickly to is make sure that you’ve created the ad with the most recent guidelines in mind. If the ad is rejected, take that feedback into account — and remember, you can always resubmit an ad after making necessary changes.

Step 1
Read the Facebook Advertising Guidelines available at These are subject to change at any time and you want to make sure you’re basing your ad off the most up-to-date version. The date of the most recent update will be listed at the top of the document.
Step 2
Check that your ad’s grammar and spelling are correct; Facebook will reject ads with poorly written content. Your text should also be relevant to the product/service being advertised and accurate to the offer. If you’re advertising a subscription service, that must be stated in your ad copy.
Step 3
Use an image that is relevant both to the text of your ad and the product/service you’re advertising. For instance, if you’re advertising for local tutoring services, an image of a woman in a bikini — while it may attract attention — is not relevant.
Step 4
Direct your ad to a valid website that is not designed for spam. Facebook will not approve ads to spam websites or websites that provide malware or illegal downloads.
Step 5
Make sure that content, including age-restricted services such as gambling, drinking, dating services, subscription services and lotteries, is targeted only to users 18 and older. Ads cannot advertise weapons or ammunition, pornographic services or drugs, be they illegal or prescription.
Step 6
Do not use language or images in your ad designed to shock the users into clicking, that engages in hate speech, that uses current events and sensationalism to get clicks or that uses targeting to make statements about the viewer’s gender, race and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.
Step 7
Do not make inaccurate claims in your ad.
Step 8
Review the content of your ad rejection. Every rejection is an indication of something that needs to be changed in the ad, so modify the content to reflect those needs.