Design a Logo & Craft a Tagline for Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB)

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About HSHDB:- Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB) has been constituted by The Governor of Haryana vide Notification no. 1/13.2015-IPP dated 12th October 2015.
The main aim and objectives of the Board (HSHDB) are:
• To initiate, promote and support research in the field of Sarasvati Heritage.
• To assist in the preservation and restoration of Sarasvati Heritage.
• To raise awareness about richness and importance of the Sarasvati Heritage.
• To develop Tourism and a Cultural corridor along the course of Sarasvati Heritage Area palaeo-channels.
• To construct and develop water bodies in and around the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
• To create effective linkages between tourism and cultural facilities by developing tourism circuits and conservation of natural resources in the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
• To develop and revive the existing Sarasvati Creek for irrigation, sanitation, recharging of ground water, plantation, development of herbal parks, landscaping to preserve/protect the environment and to ensure soil conservation.
• To establish Museums, Libraries and Research institutions for Sarasvati Heritage Studies.
• To support research documents, compile research papers, publication of books, journals, monographs and reports etc. pertaining to Sarasvati Heritage.
• To establish Interpretation and Exploration Centres, Research Centres, Cultural Spaces etc. in the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
• To provide academic assistance to persons/institutions working in the study of Sarasvati River, language, scripts and Sarasvati Heritage.
• To conduct meticulous field work to unearth and understand the past and the present content of Sarasvati Heritage in Haryana for the exposition of cultural patterns and values.
• For disseminating and exchanging knowledge organize seminars, conferences, workshops, special lectures, etc. on relevant themes pertaining to Sarasvati Heritage at the National and International level.
• To organize an annual festival “Sarasvati Mahotsva” on the occasion of Basant Panchmi on the lines of the Geeta Jyanti Mahotsva to create cultural awareness.
What we expect from the participants?
Participants are required to design a logo and/or craft a tagline for HSHDB, as follows:
1. Design a logo for HSHDB
The logo should incorporate:
• An appropriate symbol/design
• Name of the organisation, namely, Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB)
The logo should be submitted in JPEG/PNG/SVG format. The logo should be usable on our website/social media such as Twitter/Facebook and on printed material such as b/w press releases, stationery and signage.
2. Craft a tagline for HSHDB
The tag line should embody the aims and objectives of HSHDB.
The tagline should be submitted in MS Word/JPEG/PNG/SVG/PDF format.
Your creative inputs would enable the organization to better communicate itself to the world and thereby improve the effectiveness of message to the masses, Government, create awareness, richness, and promotion of Indian cultural and its heritage.
The last date of submission is 10th March, 2016.
Cash Prize for the Best Entry
The best entry in each category will be awarded a cash prize as follows:
1. Selected design for Logo: Rs.15,000/-
2. Selected entry for Tagline: Rs.10,000/-
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Moderator for the Task
Mr. Vijayendra Kumar,
Chief Executive Officer,
Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB)
Email ID: