MyGov is delighted to announce the selection of the Top 5 teams who will compete to build an app for the Prime Minister’s Office. On 19th July, MyGov had announced the short listing of the top 10 teams for the PMO mobile App Contest. Information about the Top 10 teams can be seen here.
MyGov has partnered with Google for this contest. Launched in March, citizens of India could give their ideas on what they would like to see in the app. More than 9000 entries and 50,000 ideas were received. The top 20 ideas, along with certain features of the PM India and MyGov website became part of the blueprint, which served as a guide for developer teams to build their mock-ups. More than 110 mock-ups were submitted and 10 were shortlisted to be judged by a jury. Team members of the Top 10 teams were flown into Delhi to present their wireframes and after the presentation the top 5 teams were selected.
The evaluation parameters that the jury considered during the presentation included whether all the broadcast, interactivity and standard features mentioned in the app blueprint were included in the wire frame; visual representation and placement of features including consistency of layout; navigation and user friendliness including whether features are easily discoverable, user is able to make out where they are in the app at any moment and use of standard action bar and navigation drawer layout; innovation and uniqueness of design including use of phone feature innovation and innovation in widgets; description and explanation of each screen of the wire frame and adherence to guidelines including material design guidelines and accessibility and W3C guidelines. The jury also considered the overall technical ability of the top 10 teams to execute the wireframes into a fully functional world class mobile app and the managerial ability of the teams to navigate the various contours involved in developing and running the mobile app for the Prime Minister’s office.
The contest has further reinforced the idea of democratisation of governance – through the model of “Jan Bhagidari” – and the spread of digital awareness, a key component of the Digital India vision. Among the shortlisted teams – two are from Chennai, two from NCR and one from Pune – demonstrating that the digital revolution has spread beyond certain confined geographic regions. In addition, among the top 5 teams are two student teams and one team lead by a female. The shortlisted teams will now be mentored for 6 weeks by Google engineers to help them in developing a world class App. At the end app development phase, the teams will present their fully functional apps in front of a jury, after which the final winning PMO India mobile app will be declared.