Name, Logo and Tagline Contest for National Centre of Geo-Informatics
About National Centre of Geo-Informatics (NCoG)
National Centre of Geo-Informatics will be one of its kind ‘Geo-Spatial Information System (GIS) platforms’, for implementing GIS based ‘Decision Support System’ in all e-Governance applications of central/state government ministries and departments across the country. The platform will also provide citizen centric information & navigational services.
NCoG for Digital India
Geo-informatics technology can be leveraged for Planning, Decision Making & Electronic Delivery of Services, Geo-enabling e-Governance to facilitate location based information for all. This would be an important enabler to achieve the vision of Digital India to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The vision areas of Digital India are centred on ‘Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen’, ‘Governance & Services on Demand’ and ‘Digital Empowerment of Citizens’. More about Digital India is available on
Objectives of NGoC
i. To provide a national platform for developing geo-informatics related resources & capabilities in the country and offer G2G & G2C services.
ii. To provide applications and solutions to all Governments, Central, State, Local self-governments in the area of geo-informatics.
iii. To take up programmes for human resource development in the area of geo-informatics.
iv. To enter into collaboration with other similar bodies, both in public and private sector to enable it to fulfill its objectives.
v. To take up R&D in the area of geo-informatics
Major Activities to be carried out by NCoG
i. Develop and maintain a uniform, standardized and seamless GIS database for entire country.
ii. To develop a unified and standard GIS platform for data deployment and dissemination across all ministries, department and to citizens.
iii. Design the customizable interface for decision supports for editing, updating, process the spatial data and dashboards.
iv. To create metadata and catalogue for spatial data repository for easy and quick search.
NCoG Task
The Department of Electronics & IT (DeitY), Government of India, seeks an appropriate name of centre (in Hindi/English), logo and tagline for National Centre of Geo-Informatics (NCoG). The last date of submission is 26th January, 2016. The winner/s will receive a certificate of appreciation from Secretary, DeitY and a cash prize of Rs. 5000 (INR five thousand) for each of three categories, i.e. name, logo and tagline for NCoG.
Last of date of submission – 10th March, 2016, by midnight.
The entries received through prior contest (started on 14th January and ended on 26th January, 2016) were evaluated and committee felt to make another attempt to receive some more innovative and creative Name, Logos and Taglines for National Centre of Geo-Informatics. The entries shortlisted through the prior contest would also be considered during the fresh evaluation.
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